With over 16 years experience under his belt, Matthew is both blessed and cursed with a strong connection to both his left and right brain. As an ad guy, Matthew loves copy, concept and campaign thinking and you can often find him, alone in a corner, working on the basis of an idea and then collaborating with the rest of the team to make the magic happen. Thankfully for his clients, once the idea is fleshed out, the practical side of his brain takes over to ensure that the magic happens on budget and on deadline.

“I want to make my clients’ brands famous and maybe then I will be too.” He leads key agency accounts including the Tavcor Motor Group, Times Media EC, the South African Cultural Observatory as well as Coca Cola Sabco. What does he want to achieve in the industry you may ask? “I want to build an agency that will be around long after I call it a day, to see others prosper from the foundation we have created.” With a number of out-of-office passions, Matthew can be summed up as a physically active, sociable, foodie family man with a soft heart. “I love spending quality time with my amazing wife and three young kids, and I am often found shouting at the ref while watching the game with his two like-minded sons, or on the fields trying to coach them… or in the Audi dealership drooling over my many dream cars.” Matt’s softer side means that he loves helping people, especially those less fortunate and families who have been rocked by the loss of a parent through illness or tragedy. “I am a founding member and trustee of the Michael Giddy Education Fund… find out more this great cause via

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